Agent S5: Jaydan

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D.I.R.E. Agency, #5

He’s out to repay a debt.

She’s in his way.

 D.I.R.E. double agent Jaydan Rose is determined to prove himself. Now that he’s made the elite, super agent team, he has one more thing to do – pay back his best friend.

Hellbent on making a name for herself, Hope Powers knows her new software application is exactly what the D.I.R.E. agency needs—if only she can get them to take her seriously. When her software picks up a lead on a missing woman, she and Jaydan reluctantly work together to follow the trail.

The last thing Jaydan wants to do is sleep with his best friend’s sister. However, when danger and close quarters prove too much for their passion, his priorities – and his heart — shift to Hope.

After they uncover scandalous secrets and decades-old peril, Jaydan and Hope realize they’ve stumbled onto something bigger than themselves. With their lives on the line and a vile maniac closing in, will D.I.R.E.’s strongest man prove too weak to save the woman he loves?


Chapter 1

Being the strongest man in the world, Jaydan Rose could smack talk with the best of them. Put him up against Olympic weightlifters and athletes around the world, and he had them beat, hands down.

However, mustering the strength to put up with Hope Powers for more than five seconds nearly had him crying uncle every time.

“Jaydan, can’t you wait until the meeting starts at eight?”

Swallowing down the last bite of a cinnamon raisin bagel, he turned to face her. His week-old strength enhancement required him to eat a lot of carbohydrates.  The lavish continental breakfast in the Powers International conference room seemed special-ordered just for him.

Staring into her glittering, ice green eyes, he licked the crumbs from his thumb before picking up a blueberry muffin.

She blew out a breath.

“I’m a growing boy, Les. I need to eat.”

Her eyes narrowed into tiny slits. He’d tagged her with the nickname Hopeless and called her Les for short. She despised it.

That’s why he used it.

“Rose is going through some intense training and needs the carbohydrates.” His boss, Mitchell Jacobs, came to stand on the other side of Hope. “I encouraged him to eat.”

Her gaze traveled up Jaydan’s jeans-clad legs, past his rodeo belt buckle, to dart across his shoulders. He felt his body heat, the dense muscle hardening as if it were moving into acceleration mode.

“So, he’s been working out, Mitchell?” She cocked an eyebrow. “I thought he’d just put on a few pounds.”

Jaydan scowled at her. I’ve got your pounds hanging, princess.

Mitchell’s rare smirk chafed him. The D.I.R.E. Agency head honcho knew better than anyone that Jaydan’s muscles were ten times harder and denser than the fittest athlete, his metabolism…just insane.

As for Hope, she wore her hair up today, exposing her smooth, graceful neck. If he gave into the urge to choke her, today would be an ideal day.

“Feel that and tell me I’m out of shape.” He flexed his bicep in front of her.

Swallowing hard, her gaze darted to his face before shooting to Mitchell. She gave his boss a small smile.

“Please help yourselves while I check on my father.”

Disappointment filtered through Jaydan as his gaze followed her across the room. Today, rather than looking like a fashion model or resident of the Playboy mansion, she wore a business suit of navy blue, her killer legs exposed from mid-thigh down.  Her long, platinum blonde hair was tucked into a small bun at the back of her head.

She had a swing in her backside that could entrance Medusa, a sweet, innocent smile that hid the she-lion beneath. Although he’d only seen it once – on that fateful night of Dan Meeks’ fundraiser – her abundant cleavage still managed to make its way into his daydreams, despite how he felt about her.

Hopeless Powers drove him nuts.

“She wants Powers International to join forces with D.I.R.E.” Picking up a plate, Mitchell surveyed the array of food before him. “She wants to act as liaison.”

The last of Jaydan’s muffin fell to the floor and disintegrated into tiny pieces. D.I.R.E. stood for Defense, Intelligence and Reconnaissance Enforcement. It was the most elite, private security agency in the world. Its Science Division gave him and others like him scientifically enhanced super powers. Nothing in that entire scenario included shopping, party planning or yoga.

However, Hope did claim to have visionary powers. Though he’d never witnessed them himself, Saint, his best friend and her half-brother, believed in her. Since the fellow D.I.R.E. agent was the most skeptical person he knew, there had to be some credence to her skills.

“You can’t possibly consider it.” Jaydan piled three bagels, a croissant, fruit salad and another blueberry muffin on his plate.

Pointing a pair of tongs at his pile of food, Mitchell nodded toward it. “You need to eat more. Once you’ve acclimated to your new system, you’ll know how many carbohydrates your body needs. Right now, you need to feed it and feed it well.” Turning to shake Luke’s hand, Mitchell spoke out of the side of his mouth. “And yes, it’s a serious consideration.”

Jaydan’s plate wobbled in his hand. Powers International and D.I.R.E.? With Hope as liaison?

No way in hell. None. Nada. Nil.

“Mitchell.” Luke grinned, before turning to Jaydan. “I’m glad we’re finally meeting together. I’m anxious to work with D.I.R.E. and do everything in my power to support my son. I think this DNA tracker could be a great asset to you.”

Ever since Luke found out Riordan “Saint” St. James was his biological son, the billionaire wanted to be a part of his life in every way possible. However, everyone knew Mitchell preferred the agency’s self-sufficiency and wouldn’t allow a partnership unless he had absolute faith he’d lose no control.

As head of the largest technology company in the world, Luke Powers got his way ninety-nine percent of the time. A partnership with the man would be rocky.

Mitchell’s tolerant tone relayed his skepticism. “That remains to be seen, Luke. I have to know my agents can depend on the equipment and personnel at their disposal.”

If Luke felt insulted at Mitchell’s barb, it didn’t show on his face. He invited them to take a seat at the conference table while he filled a plate with food.

“I want that as well, Mitchell. My son has chosen to work with you and I’ll support him in any way possible.”

With a quick glance at Jaydan, Hope lifted her chin and turned to Mitchell. “I think the tracker proved itself the night of Natalie’s kidnapping. Without it, Riordan may not have reached her in time.”

Powers International’s DNA tracker had proven instrumental in finding Hope’s soon-to-be sister-in-law that night. Without it, Riordan could’ve lost his fiancée for good.

Hope said, “After I saw how important she was to my brother, I picked up her sample from the glass she used at the fundraiser.  However, we later learned that Natalie’s DNA was already on file in the international database.  Either way, it more than earned its value that night.”

Jaydan swallowed down a drink of orange juice. Les had been busy that night. Picking up DNA samples, meeting her newfound brother, hitting on Jaydan…

Mitchell sat back in his chair, arms crossed over his chest. “How many people are registered in the database?”

“Billions,” Luke said, his voice confident, direct. “Each time a blood sample is drawn or a mouth is swabbed, not only is it tested for its intended medical purposes, it’s sent to WHO for DNA testing. The UN started the process years ago. You’ll find everyone from newborns to world leaders.”

“You won’t find my agents,” Mitchell said, with a touch of arrogance. “I’ve had them removed.”

Frowning, Hope pulled up the tracker on her tablet.  Her diamond bracelets clinked together as she swiped across the screen. Typing in some information, she looked at Luke with a smile. “He’s right. D’Artagnan Naylor isn’t in here.” Her gaze went to Jaydan. “Neither is Rose.”

Jaydan couldn’t help but grin. That earned him a scowl from Luke. The man didn’t like being bested at his own meeting.  Powers thought he’d brought important information to the table when Mitchell was already a step ahead of the game.

Luke’s voice held a sardonic edge. “Is there anything I can tell you about the tracker, or do you know all about that, too?”

Mitchell’s voice held its usual, commanding authority. “If I knew, I wouldn’t be here, Powers. I brought Rose along because he has a good knowledge of forensics. We’d like a demonstration of how it works to see if it can be beneficial to the agency.”

His unfinished degree in forensics had served Jaydan well in his work for Dar’s father, Robert Naylor. Going to school online had worked out well, leaving him plenty of time to get himself into trouble – his specialty.

At least, that’s what his stepfather had always told him when he beat him in the barn.

Jaydan nodded at the copper and gold armbands exposed below his rolled up sleeves. “It would also have to integrate with our technology. If that can’t happen, there’s no point in going any further.”

Straightening away from the table, Hope’s back stiffened, protruding her breasts. “Well, we won’t know that until we’re sure you’re interested, Jaydan. Mitchell keeps your technology under lock and key.  Therefore, we have no idea if it will integrate or not.”

Elbow on his chair arm, Luke laid two fingers against his temple, his frustrated gaze going from Jaydan to Mitchell and back. “Give them a demonstration, Hope.”

Picking up a remote, Hope pressed two buttons. Heavy curtains slid over the conference room windows overlooking downtown San Diego and the Pacific Ocean beyond. On the opposite wall, a large, flat screen television illuminated. A screen with the Powers International logo appeared, a handful of icons running down the left side. The conference room lights dimmed before Hope clicked on the icon titled DNA.

The husky tinge of her voice sounded amplified in the dark space. “The tracker utilizes our private satellite and runs on our internal operating system. I would assume D.I.R.E. has a similar set up.”

Mitchell’s eyes remained on the screen, offering no comment.

Jaydan smothered a smile. The man wasn’t giving an inch.

Hope sighed. “The application is very user-friendly. You can search for an individual by voice command or keypad. In the case of individuals with the same name, you can do an advanced search by location or estimated date of birth.”

Hope typed in Natalie Meeks’ name. A globe appeared on the screen, the continents outlined in white above the varied, natural landscapes.

“The view you see is in real time. So, the varying degrees of the sun will always be evident somewhere on the globe. If it’s nighttime in one part of the world, it will appear dark on the tracker.”

The earth spun at a slow pace, swirls of clouds and patches of land evident amongst the large bodies of water. As the globe circled to show the United States, a yellow pinpoint of light shone around Los Angeles, before the screen zeroed in on a green light in northwestern New Mexico. A beep sounded in the room.

“The green light shows Natalie’s location at the artist’s colony in New Mexico.” She zoomed in on the light. “If you zoom in, you’ll receive exact coordinates for that point in time.”

Jaydan turned to her. “What was the yellow light north of here?”

Luke said, “It will also pick up family members, or someone with similar DNA, such as siblings. In this case, the yellow light would be Dan Meeks – ”

The globe turned again. All eyes shot to the screen.

“What happened?” Luke’s tone held a baffled sharpness.

“I’m not sure,” she said, surprise evident in the high pitch of her voice. “It started moving on its own.”

The screen zeroed in on the Pacific Ocean, just off Oahu. A green light appeared on the screen, a beep sounding in the dark room.

Hope zoomed in. The coordinates appeared, the description beneath them – unknown.

Jaydan hated to say it but no one else in the room would do it. “Is it a glitch?”

Hope shook her head as she zoomed out to encompass all three lights. “If it were a glitch, Natalie and Dan’s coordinates would be off.”

Mitchell’s deep voice spoke with clout. “Natalie did have a younger sister that was kidnapped and never found.”

Silence hung heavy in the room as Jaydan’s heart raced in his chest. To find Natalie’s younger sister after all these years would be incredible.   He’d like to be the one to bring her home. That would make Riordan’s day. Maybe it would even make up for him not being there when Naylor shipped him to that Mongolian prison three and a half years ago.

“Why didn’t her location appear the night of Natalie’s kidnapping?” Jaydan was in Hope’s SUV that night. He knew no other beeps sounded on the tracker.

Hope said, “She could’ve been underground, or in some type of structure constructed of heavy steel or concrete. As with any satellite signal, those materials are hard to penetrate.”

Jaydan clenched his fist on top of the table, his food forgotten. He couldn’t waste another day. He had to do this.

Jumping up from his chair, he looked down at his boss. “This one’s mine, Mitchell.”

Pulling up the lights, Luke said, “I have a plane you can use.”

Mitchell glanced up at Jaydan. “You have a family obligation this weekend, Rose. Besides, your…“

“Enhancement?” Hope offered with an arched eyebrow.

Mitchell gave a succinct nod. “…enhancement is too fresh. I’d prefer to send someone else.”

Frustration tightened his body to rock hardness, energy rushing through his nervous system to power his muscles. Mitchell knew the circumstances behind Riordan’s kidnapping. When Jaydan learned Saint had been sent to Mongolia, he’d gone to Mitchell – Naylor’s enemy. Jaydan had worked for him as a double agent until they took down Naylor last fall.

“Dammit, Mitchell. You have to give this to me.”

His boss stared at him in close scrutiny. Mitchell had just spent billions on Jaydan’s new strength enhancement. Of course, he would be hesitant to send him into the field so soon.  The former SEAL would rip him limb from limb if he damaged his system.

He wasn’t a fool.

“Keegan would be an amazing wedding gift, Mitchell.” Hope’s eyes shone bright with enthusiasm.

Letting out a long sigh, Mitchell said, “Power up the D.I.R.E. jet. If that light is Keegan Meeks, bring her home.  Pronto.”


“A Perfect Blend of Superhero Action and Steamy Romance: Great Fun!”

.. “AGENT S5: JAYDAN is book 5 in the The D.I.R.E. Agency series, and surprisingly enough, I had no problem diving in, thanks to sufficient background details inserted by the author. AGENT S5: JAYDAN is very innovative in a world filled with superheroes mostly because of how they came to be, how they use their powers, and the downsides of their enhancements. The characters are very well-defined, and then there’s Hope and my fangirling moment. Hope is a fabulous character: she is brilliant, perfectly gorgeous, charming, vivacious, flirtatious, but because she’s seen as a Daddy’s Girl, she forever craves the respect she never gets. Jaydan is struggling a bit with his newfound strength, but enjoying himself as well in showing off, to the readers delight. The chemistry between Hope and Jaydan is off the charts, we can almost feel the sparks: they get each on other’s nerves, they push each other’s buttons, but they know they won’t be able to keep their hands off each other for too long. And for the reader, waiting for the deed to be done is almost as exciting as the suspense story per se. But when the action part really starts rolling, we are in for a real treat: clever plot twists, delightfully complex villains and unwitting bad buys, as well as glimpses of exciting things we can expect in future instalments.

AGENT S5: JAYDAN is very well written, the story moves along briskly, the sex scenes are sheer poetry, and Ms. Hahn’s sense of humour sparkles in the witty dialogues. AGENT S5: JAYDAN is fun, entertaining, and clever; this series could go on for a long time yet because there is still a lot of room for more superheroes of that kind! Bring ’em on, Ms. Hahn!

Monique Daoust

Fresh Fiction

I am in awe of Joni Hahn, her D.I.R.E Series just keeps getting better and better. More intense, if possible, more passionate and more just more..

Agent S5: Jaydan is book 5 in this fabulous series. The first three books were something of a trilogy and Ms. Hahn could have left it at that but nope, she has so much more to share with us.

In the D.I.R.E. Agency it’s a case of Sci-Fi meets superspy. A James Bond for the nerds.. only these guys are more than just sexy nerds. They are smart, gorgeous and have been physically altered. Jayden has been given Strength (which is why his designation is S)

Hope Powers wants to make a name for herself, which is hard to do when your father is one of the most renown entrepreneurs out there. But she has a brain and a spectacular concept oh and a plan. She wants to work with D.I.R.E., get to know her brother and help save the world. What she doesn’t want to do is work with Jaydan Rose, he is just too much for her libido.

Jaydan Rose is the latest enhanced agent for D.I.R.E. and he has something to prove. Way too hard on himself he takes too much responsibility for things that go wrong. But now, he’s determined to be the hero. To put his friends and family first. To not fall for the next pretty face and to always be on hand. Of course he’s being too hard on himself. But that’s guilt for you.

Jaydan is a master juggler.. he needs to be at his brother’s wedding, he needs to help rescue a girl who was kidnapped years ago… and now he’s agreed to allow Hope Powers to accompany him. What do you want to bet he’s gonna drop the balls?

This book was the first of the series to start off slow.. at first I had to think, who are these people. But as the story progressed I realized that they had been minor, very minor, characters in previous books.. And one thing Joni Hahn is spectacular at, is family connections. Connect the dots and you will find an amazing picture!

Another Hit for Ms. Hahn!


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