Agent M4: Riordan (The D.I.R.E. Agency – Book 4)

Agent M4: Riordan (The D.I.R.E. Agency – Book 4)
Intent on finding the person responsible for his wrongful imprisonment, a former enemy agent turned superhero falls for a psychologist who is being pursued by a madman.
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Agent M4: Riordan St. James


  • Former D.I.R.E. Enemy Agent
  • Mongolian Prison Survivor


  • Magnetism


Sent to a Mongolian prison against his will, former enemy agent Riordan St. James is suddenly back in civilization.  With his hands crushed, and littered with scars, he trusts no one.  When he accepts D.I.R.E.’s prosthetic hands to operate a future, super power enhancement, Riordan knows their offer comes with a price – he just isn’t sure he wants to pay.

After an affair with a client turns deadly, psychologist and senator’s daughter Natalie Meeks, doesn’t trust her own judgment.  When she’s hired to help Riordan adjust to civilization again, she finds herself in familiar, forbidden territory – battling a fiery attraction to her client.

One heated encounter with the elegant Dr. Meeks convinces Riordan to abide by D.I.R.E.’s bargain.   However, when new evidence about his disappearance uncovers shocking secrets, he questions not only his decision, but the people around him – including his sexy-as-hell doctor.

While their lives become more entangled, yet pulled apart, a madman turns up the heat on his plans for Natalie.  And the only person she can trust is the one man that doesn’t trust her…



Hanging his head, he turned to face her with a cocked brow. “Really? You’re going full-on doctor on me? Is this where I lie down on one of the loungers and tell you my troubles?”

She matched his cocked brow. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were ridiculing my profession.”

He held up his hands in feigned innocence. “Not me.”

Lifting a shoulder, she said, “Mitchell is paying me the big bucks to be a full-on doctor, Riordan. If you want to lie down, please do.”

His gaze dropped to her breasts before a smirk crossed his features. “Care to join me?”

Been there, done that – and, it had ruined her life on so many levels.

She tilted her head. “What do you hope to gain with that question, Riordan? Outrage? Shock…?”


His deep, gravelly voice shot a wave of gooseflesh over her skin. Why did her body scream God, yes, while her brain told her beware men bearing barbaric sex appeal? Rough, arrogant, long-haired men were not an everyday occurrence for her. This one oozed animal magnetism through every tanned pore of his scarred skin.

She sighed. “Riordan, let’s keep things profess-”

His soft chuckle stopped her mid-speech. “When I first saw you, I thought that’s why Mitchell brought you here.”

Stilling, she stared at him, mouth agape, hoping sand wouldn’t blow in her mouth. “Are you implying that I look like a-“


This time, he stared straight into her eyes, his dark with appreciation. Her body tingled in places she hadn’t realized were still around, his smile rueful.

“No, but I thought that could be the only reason Mitchell would bring a woman to me. He knows I’ve been without a long time. You’re just not my type.”

What a complete and total barbarian. “Nor, are you mine.”

With a shake of his head, he looked down at the water again. “Hell, I could see that right off.”

Something in his soft tone told her more stood behind that statement than the obvious. He considered himself beneath her. Growing up in the ranks of high society, Natalie abhorred pretentiousness. She’d been scolded a few times herself for speaking her mind in front of high-ranking officials.

In her eyes, equality ran across the board, regardless of social class or ethnicity. In Riordan’s case, they were just… different.

Regardless, she’d gained no headway traveling down this road. She needed to find some camaraderie.

Pulling off her college ring, she held it between her thumb and forefinger. “May I? It’s made of nickel.”

Glancing at her, Riordan looked down at the ring then back at her face. “You’re proposing? I’m not a virgin, so you don’t have to marry me to get me on that lounger.”

She cocked an eyebrow. “Wow, that was so… not original, St. James. Did you spend the last three years coming up with that?”

He laughed outright, the sound echoing off the cavernous canopy. Natalie couldn’t contain her grin. Laughter looked darned good on him.

“May I?” she said again.

His sober gaze studied her. Did he fear her touch, or the idea of going against his preconceived notion?

Probably both. “I promise I don’t bite.”

Rather than the smart remark she expected, he gave a succinct nod.

With tentative movements, she reached for his now dry hand. It felt warm to the touch, raw strength emanating from his artificial bones and rough flesh. He had capable hands, limbs that were just an extension of the man himself. Natalie had a feeling he could be enlisted to perform any task and would eagerly face it head on. When it came to dares, the word no would never enter his vocabulary.

If she ever went on one of those survival shows, she wanted Riordan St. James with her.

Holding his hand, she set the ring upright on top, before slowly moving away. It stood erect, just shy of his knuckles.

She felt her smile grow of its own volition. “You do have magnetic hands.”

His sky blue gaze roamed over her face. She felt heat bloom in her cheeks.

“I do. Once my enhancements are complete, my pull will be more powerful. I’ll have to control it with my mind.”

Cocking her head, she said, “And, you’re okay with that? With someone altering your body that way?”

He graced her with another bright smile. She took a deep breath and let it out.

“To be the only man in the world with the ability to attract and repel objects with his hands? To be one of The D.I.R.E. Agency’s super agents? Damn straight, I’m okay with that.”

When it came to his career, the man knew what he wanted. It didn’t sound like Riordan had made a forced decision out of some sense of loyalty to Mitchell. If he lacked self-confidence as Mitchell said, his assurance proved a step in the right direction.

Clenching his hand into a fist, Riordan watched the ring tumble into the clear water. No sooner had she gasped than he dropped into the pool.

She waited for him to resurface. When he didn’t show after long moments, her heart started to pound. “Riordan?”

The water lay calm, gently lapping against the side of the pool. “Riordan?”

He sprang from the water like a dolphin at play, his head popping up between her legs. Gasping, she braced a foot on the concrete and shoved away from the pool, her dress riding high on her thighs. His beautiful, pale eyes went from playful to dark as he placed the ring on the ground between her legs – just inches from the crotch of her black thong.

She didn’t move.

Her mind swirled with images of him touching her there, slipping a finger under the lace. She could feel her body prepare for an invasion that could only take place in her mind. Yet, she did nothing to stop it.

Her legs fell open further. Breath rushed through his nose. Their gazes held, his dark as sapphires, hers clouded with visions of his hand on her.

Riordan’s gaze dropped to the hem of her dress. Her breath caught. Bracing both hands on the edge of the pool, he jumped out of the water, flinging heavy droplets on her.

Natalie held up her hands to ward off the dousing. What was she doing? Hadn’t she learned anything with Paul?

Heart pounding against her ribs, she snatched up the ring and shot to her feet. She grabbed her shoes.

“Natalie…” He grabbed her arm with a wet hand.

She flung it away.

Rushing to the fitness room door, she had to find Mitchell. She couldn’t do this.

Meeks…” Riordan came up behind her.

Hurry, Natalie…

She grabbed the door handle just as Mitchell shoved it open from inside. He glanced at her with narrowed eyes, before turning to Riordan beside her.

“I’m sorry, Mitchell,” she said, “but you’ll have to get someone else.”

Mitchell’s thunderous gaze shot to Riordan, who crossed his arms over his chest.

“We’re up a creek then, Mitchell…” Riordan pointed his thumb at her. “…because I’ll only work with her.”


5.0 out of 5 stars Joni Hahn’s D.I.R.E Agency series continues with a captivating story you won’t want to miss., August 11, 2014
This review is from: Agent M4: Riordan (DIRE Agency Series Book 4) (The D.I.R.E. Agency) (Kindle Edition)
Newly recruited D.I.R.E. agent Riordan St. James has a chip on his shoulder a mile wide and he’s not at all pleased that whether or not his enhancements will continue depend on the finds of psychologist Natalie Meeks. Riordan’s broken and crushed hands made him an ideal candidate for a treatment that would not only restructure his hands, but would make them magnetic. His entire future depends on Dr. Meeks’ approval. But as far as he’s concerned his rescue from the Mongolian hellhole and killing the man responsible gave him a new lease on life and he doesn’t need a psychologist to sign off on his mental stability.

Senator’s daughter and psychologist Natalie Meeks isn’t at all sure that counseling Riordan is a good idea. One of her previous patients, whom she’d become involved with, had committed suicide at a political fundraiser. His death rattled her self-confidence and she now doubts her ability to treat patients. Throw in an unexpected attraction to Riordan and she just knows this situation is going to be far more challenging than she ever imagined.

Mitchell, the director of D.I.R.E., enlisted Natalie to help ensure that Riordan is mentally and emotionally prepared to finalize his enhancements and become an agent. At first Riordan believes that Natalie has been brought to him as a sort of reward, after all he’s been without a woman for a while. However, she’s far too upper-class for him. When he learns that she’s there to evaluate him it just pisses him off. And even though he doesn’t believe he needs counseling, he agrees to endure the sessions. The sexual tension between Natalie and Riordan is impossible to ignore. Digging into Riordan’s past begins to reveal surprising secrets which result in him questioning not only who he can trust but also his own personal decisions. .

Joni Hahn’s newest addition to her awe-inspiring D.I.R.E. Agency series, AGENT M4: RIORDAN held my attention from beginning to end. On the surface Riordan and Natalie don’t seem to have much in common but it soon becomes obvious that they’re both vulnerable and insecure due to events in their pasts. Together, they make a wonderful couple, passionate and supportive, but their relationship is constantly bombarded with uncertainty. Like with the previous books in this series, I was completely captivated by Riordan’s enhancements and couldn’t help but be impressed by his capabilities and bravery. I loved that Natalie shows an admirable inner strength when standing up to Riordan, her own father, and others.

If you haven’t read the other stories in the D.I.R.E. agency series then I highly recommend you do so… it will enhance your enjoyment of Riordan and Natalie’s story. However, I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to do so in order to appreciate this couple, the D.I.R.E. agency, or Ms. Hahn’s captivating writing style.

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