Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to Thieves, a product of  I was very upset because I had spilled barbecue sauce on my jeans.

And, these weren’t just any jeans.

They were my fourteen-year-old, Lucky Brand jeans that were faded, worn and fit like no other pair I’ve found since. I had to save them.

The Thieves Solution


I tried several products – which shall remain nameless and forever banned from my laundry room – but the stains remained. I was devastated.

Then, I tried Thieves, a plant and mineral-based, household cleaner that can be used in several different ways.

I rubbed in the cleaner and let it sit overnight before washing the jeans again. The stains were gone! I was ecstatic!

I also had sauce on my sneakers and it removed those stains, too!  Now, I’m researching more of‘s products.  Any product and company that can save my favorite jeans is a friend of mine.

Now, to buy a patch for that hole at the corner of the rear pocket…

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