Starting back to work after several months off, with temporary living arrangements and two infants in the mix, I quickly realized productivity would be an issue. I didn’t have the time to devote to my writing like I had pre-grandbabies. “It takes a village” was a term never more apparent than with newborns.  Schedules were a fond memory and sleep a precious commodity.

I had to figure out something.


Last month, I took a class offered by personality coach and USA Today Bestselling author, R.L. (Becca) Syme called Write Better Faster. The class helped each student discover their strengths and personality type. Based on the results, Becca helped each individual determine how best to manage his or her time, select writing craft techniques and remain focused on goals.  With so many ideas out there on these topics, an individual can avoid time-wasting techniques that don’t suit his or her character.

Wake-Up Call

After the class and a one-on-one telephone conference with Becca, I realized I was on the right track with my writing techniques. However, I was leaving my writing time to evenings, after I had put in a full day’s work and had the daily page goal hanging over my head.  With my personality type, all this served to do was pile stress on top of exhaustion.

The best time for me to get in focused writing time was early morning, before the house was awake.

My mind and body instantly revolted.

I love my sleep, and the idea of rising at five o’clock in the morning to write made me want to slump in the shower and cry like the guy on the internet bill commercial.

But, you know what?

It works.

When I sit down to write, my brain is fresh and the room is quiet. Other than Mia purring on the back of my chair, there isn’t a sound in the house.  Now, I strive to wake up early five days a week and I look forward to it.

It doesn’t always happen but, if not, I jump back on plan the next day. It’s really been a game changer.

Rising early is just a small part of my productivity overhaul.  Next time, I’ll delve into my psychometric testing.

Til then… Fasten Your Seatbelts…

I never knew a man come to greatness or eminence who lay abed late in the morning. – Jonathan Swift

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