It does not matter if you are not born in a country where there they speak English and you want to learn how you can speak beautiful in different languages. You can learn many words to speak in many other languages from this source page. It is not difficult anymore to speak any specific word in any language as there are lot of sources to learn from. This site is one of them that can make you speak whatever you want.

Knowledge is curse sometimes and sometimes it is power. You the one who really will decide if you are chasing power or curse. Never look anyone and ask them what you do not know. Always struggle and find by yourself first and then go for the it and learn it. Although it is tough for you to call it in your mind a specific word for different languages, but you can learn it for some special language you speak regularly.

Every word is beautiful in their language and accent. But the only need to learn them is situation and location where you want to speak it. Eutony is that sound we use to speak, some blendence and eutony makes the word beautiful. for the word beautiful we imagine the scenery of nature around us. Unlike Eglaf beautiful has meaning and it is great vocabulary for anyone.

How to say beautiful in 5 different languages

Here are proven ways to say beautiful.

How to say beautiful in German language?

“hübsch” is used for beautiful in German language. It is sound like “hubs che” but you have to speak it a bit fast and fluently. German language is spoken in 6 countries of western Europe. And one could get a chance to visit one of the German countries among 6. They must know how to say beautiful in German language.

How to say beautiful in Dutch language?

Dutch is combination of many languages including German, English and Frisian. The origin is West Germanic. “MOOI” is used for beautiful in Dutch language. It is sound like “Moo iee”. Most people use to say “hübsch” even in Dutch language. The reason is language Dutch which is considered the old German language has basis for Dutch language.

How to say beautiful in Frisian language?

“MOAI” is used for saying beautiful in Frisian language. It is sound like “Moo AA Iee”. We have already discussed in above section that Dutch language is combination of more than one language. So Frisian is also among this combination. It is really closed to Dutch vocabulary. Many words of Dutch and Frisian are similar. Frisian is also closed to German and English language.

How to say beautiful in Romanian language?

“frumoasa” is used for beautiful in Romanian language. It is sound like “Far Moo Ay Sa”. But it is spoken fluently. The accent changes the sound and pronunciation.

How to say beautiful in Spanish language?

“hermosa” is used for beautiful in Spanish. It is sound like “harr moo saaa”. Hermosa is also name of beach in Spanish. Spanish language has unique basis from Latin language.

Understanding of any word is only possible if you know the accent of that language. Above sounds and words can help you with speaking of beautiful in different languages and accent. There are more than 6500 languages in the world. Some of these languages are spoken less common. There are many sources for knowing how to say beautiful in many languages. But at once only few words can be added as vocabulary. The other can be learnt only when they are spoken fluently with a routine practice.

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