There are many different gold balls out there but each of them differs in construction. Gold balls with different construction show different results. Some of the balls will show the best results but some will not.

The balls made for beginners and kids are made up of only one layer and hence are called a one-piece ball. The two-piece is made up of solid core and usually for the people how to have some knowledge about the golf.

The three-piece ball has an extra layer added to the previous one. Before buying the golf ball you must keep a few points in mind the spin of the ball, compression, and quality of the ball. For beginners, the low spin balls are best suited as they are harder and don’t cover the maximum distance.

High spin golf balls are usually used by expert players. To find the best golf ball for the slice you have to test multiple balls to compare their performance. Some of the best Golf balls for a slice are mentioned below.

Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Ball

Bridgestone E6 is one of the best golf balls and is liked by many golfers. The ball is made up of a soft rubber core and coated with a soft polymer to give fewer slices. The best feature is that the ball is air resistant resulting in a straighter and longer shot. The soft configuration of the ball will help it to stop immediately without rolling too much on the ground.

The ball tends to reduce the sidespin which helps to lower the chances of slices. The high-performance ball is best for any player and can be used in tournaments. The disadvantage of the ball is that the expert player might feel the lack of impact resistance.

Polara Self Correcting 2 Piece Golf Balls

The ball is made up of a soft rubber compound coated with an ionomer. The ball gives better control on the spins and can stop much quicker as compared to other golf balls. Once you hit the ball with the iron it will take off much quicker and help you to achieve the desired goal. The disadvantage of the ball is that it is not approved by the PGA so it cannot be used in tournaments.

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