You’ll see them as a red icon and most of the time these interfaces are on computers or side panels which will ask you if you want to jack in and again you can only do so if you have the necessary intelligence points now sometimes you might run past an access point to find them as soon as possible definitely recommend obtaining the ping quick hack which is the one that you get in the first few hours of the nativegamer game.

Intelligence Attribute

If you’ve invested enough points in the intelligence attribute definitely recommend obtaining under the breach protocol skill the extended network interface perk which automatically highlights nearby access points so how this exactly works is that access points load up the breach protocol mine game this is only possible if you have a cyberdeck in the operating system of your cyberware menu doing so this mining game has typically three sequences of code that need to be entered sometimes less your objective is to crack the system and each of these sequences act as you sending demons or hacks to gain access.

Access point

You only have a certain amount of time so quick thinking is necessary but before you start the mine game or enter a code in you have time to examine the sequences and try to come up with how to solve some of it sometimes you can get all three entered sometimes just one usually we aim to always get the one that guarantees the largest reward so when you finish one of these breaches on an access point you’ll gain a few rewards the main one is a large sum of eddies and this adds up because there are tons of access points breach protocol this mini-game is not just for accessing these lucrative rewards.

Combat Breaching

It can also be used in combat breaching an enemy who has cyberwar or a camera system will reduce the ram needed to use other quick hacks on enemies in the area since they all use the same network so usually, it would cause say eight rams to use a cyberwar malfunction quick hack but because we successfully breached the network it will only cost six or so and all other quick hacks ram cost is reduced as well now we should mention that ram does overtime very quickly just you know regenerate but when you’re surrounded by tons of tire claws or Valentino’s these quick hacks and how much it costs can be very important now this method of attack is valuable for those wanting to really just be a netrunner in the night city.

Upgrading your cyberdeck

So overall hacking in cyberpunk 2077 is quite big which is why upgrading your Cyberdecks Cyberpunk 2077 native gamer by visiting ripper docks and obtaining better ones in my opinion is extremely important but also in your cyberware tab you can add mods to your cyberdeck which are custom quick hacks that you’ll find and purchase in your travels throughout night city now as big as hacking is for you it’s also big for your enemies who can utilize cameras or just looking at you to deliver devastating quick hacks.

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