There are 570 million Spanish speakers in the world including natives and Spanish language learners. Spanish language is easy to learn. An average person can learn Spanish Language within 25 weeks. Do you think how Spanish people learn other languages? Do they struggle more to learn hardest languages.

Here we have mentioned 3 hardest languages to learn for Spanish speakers.

1 – Chinese Mandarin

Chinese Mandarin is the most challenging language in the world and very difficult to learn especially for Spanish speakers, it is also the most spoken language.

Now the question is why Chinese language is so hard? Here are the reasons.

  • In Chinese language, special characters are used in thousands and each of the characters represents the word.
  • Tones are an essential part in Chinese language because a word in Chinese with two different tones changes its meaning.
  • We can give the example with a little Chinese word ‘ma’. This word has 4 different meanings like mother, rough, scold and horse. The meaning depends how you say it.
  • Chinese Mandarin grammar is so simple with no genders and verbs are in the infinitive with no tenses. But it doesn’t means there is no grammar. It depends on the structure of word to be able to create a meaningful sentences.

2 – Japanese

Japan is also called the land of the rising sun. This country attracts the people from all over the world. Everyone admits their culture, heritage, and their hard working.

Now comes to the language. Japanese is known as one of the hardest languages to learn and for Spanish speakers, it is more difficult. Lets see why Spanish people spend too much time for learning Japanese language.

  • For Spanish people, the writing system of Asian languages is the challenging part because there is problem in reading and writing without using letters. Actually Japanese writing system is based on Chinese characters, kanji and kana, foreign words, grammar, and marketers.
  • Instead of using prepositions, Japanese use post positions, for which Spanish speaker takes alot of time for learning.
  • The verbs are used after the object, which is opposite from English as they both are from different planet. But it doesn’t means to discouraged due to these difficulties. There are also some easy parts in this language which you can learn within no time.
  • The vowels in Japanese language and Spanish language are equal. The sound system is consisting of a vowel and a consonant that’s a simple structure.
  • Japanese grammar structure is simple. No genders in noun, no number, and no articles also.

3 – Korean

The most popular track named “Gangnam Style” by a Korean pop singer named Psys makes the reason for people to learn this hardest language. It is also difficult for Spanish people to learn Korean language but not as much as Japanese and especially Chinese.

But you can take a start from commonly speaking words in our daily routine and see their meanings on the language websites in The Different Languages dot com.

What difficulties you face while learning Korean language. See the points below.

  • First step to learn Korean is the Hangul, Korean alphabet, which is like building blocks. So you have to learn it to go further.
  • The second essential part is intonation, you always have to pay attention to which syllables have emphasis. The best way of learning is to listen to native speakers.
  • The basic grammar is little simple like other Asian languages. If you want to learn more than basics, then you have to be persistent because the tough part of Korean grammar lies in different levels of speech.
  • While learning Korean language, you have to do some struggle for tones. but there is nothing for worry.

Arabic and Russian Languages are also difficult for Spanish people to learn.

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