Fortnite heroes are split into four main classes’ soldiers, constructors, Ninjas, and outlanders. Each of the heroes is performing its task and each of them is pretty good in its work. In save, the world player takes the character of many heroes which they perform many different tasks.

Some of them are fighting against the storm because if the players are caught in the storm they are disqualified. So the player has to run to survive the storm.

Some of the heroes are rescuing the survivors because some of the players get injured due to the firefights and attack of monsters so other heroes help them to heal.

Some heroes build the structures to survive the firefights and massive attack of the enemy. To build the structure player have to search for different materials. All the heroes are struggling to save the world from the monsters.

There are currently four classes of heroes in Fortnite to save the world. Every hero plays its role and each of them is pretty good at everything needed in Fortnite. Each of the heroes has its skills to fight in the battle.

  • Soldiers: Soldiers in Fortnite is the army who protect the land by throwing grenades towards the enemies and using bullets to kill enemies. They place mines at different places to get the enemy by surprise.
  • Constructors: The main role of constructors is that they build the building faster and cheaper than the other players.
  • Ninjas: Ninjas in Fortnite are the fastest and strongest character and it is well suited.
  • Outlanders: They are best in a scavenger hunt. They find the treasure and rarest item and are experts in finding the best quality loot.

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